Tiger Shark Fuvahmula Tiger Zoo

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Tiger Zoo

Tiger Zoo is the name of a dive site which was discovered in April 2017 and promoted by our team. We named it Tiger Zoo because in this place we have the possibility to observe tiger sharks all year round, from shallow to  deep, some time dozens of them at a single dive. The tiger sharks are not aggressive and we provide safe diving with these beautiful predators everyday. There was no any single accident of a shark attack in local waters.  

Tiger Shark Fuvahmula Tiger Zoo
Tiger Shark Fuvahmula Tiger Zoo

Tiger sharks (Galeocerdo cuvier (lat.)) belong to the requiem sharks family (Carcharhinidae) and are the only member of the genus Galeocerdo. The species is named tiger shark because of the dark stripes on the sides of their bodies and fins. The tiger shark is a large apex predator, average length 3-4 m, females may attain over 5 m (16 ft). They inhabit tropical and temperate waters all over the world. These graceful predators play a very important role in oceanic ecosystems. As the top predators, they control their prey populations by feeding on the weak, infected or injured individuals. With their excellent sense of smell, they prefer to scavenge on carcasses whenever possible. This top-down force in the food chain balances the entire ecosystem and maintains its health. Tigers are very adaptable in their diet and were therefore known as the garbage bins of the ocean.

Tiger Shark Fuvahmula Tiger Zoo

In the Maldives the main food supply is daily fish catch. All the islands have daily fish waste which they dump back to the ocean. These places are the famous dive sites around the country. Fuvahmulah is surrounded by the open ocean, and tiger sharks, who usually stay in deeper waters, have been surrounding this island for ages. Before, fish heads were dumped all around the island. After the harbour and local fish market were built in 2003, all fish supply and waste and, therefore, tiger sharks accumulated in the harbour area. Everyday they continue consuming the fish waste and divers can watch them on a shallow plateau. 

We do not feed the sharks!

There is an ultimate opportunity for underwater photographers to get the closest shot of tiger sharks. Special private dives can be provided for underwater photographers.  Also, if you want to have picture and videos with you and tiger sharks, our photographer can make for you amazing unforgettable images!

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On the Tiger Zoo dives, safety is priority. We have several safety divers in the water and we follow strict rules. All dive guides have Shark Speciality and Shark Expert certifications. Our dive guides spent thousands of hours diving with Tiger Sharks in Tiger Zoo and know their behavior and the conditions of the local environment. 

Before each dive, all divers are given a comprehensive briefing about shark behavior, diving procedure and safety rules which they must follow during the dive. Each diver is given a special safety stick for protection. Each dive is lead by a team of dive guides and assistants who are responsible for diver's safety. 

Tiger Shark Fuvahmula Tiger Zoo

The movie from Russian Operator Dmitry Rudas. A real experience in Tiger Zoo. 

Tiger Shark Fuvahmula Tiger Zoo


To make the Tiger Zoo safety rules easy to understand we have made a manual which can be useful for everyone who plans to visit Tiger Zoo.



Visit Fuvahmulah to have your best dives with Tiger Sharks in Tiger Zoo!

Enjoy the nature environment and get your SHARK SPECIALITY.  

Tiger Shark identification data base

Every tiger shark can be distinguished and identified based on its natural markings. We have started our recordings at the the end of 2016. For the last 5 years, we have done thousands of dives in Tiger Zoo. More than 150 different Tiger Sharks are identified and included in the data base. Below you can see some of our current regular visitors that you might encounter when you visit us! 

Through these long-term observations, we have many interesting insights about shark behavior, their residency, and the stories of individuals. Our resident marine biologist proceeds the data base daily and logs every single shark dive. We provide lectures and presentations about sharks in general and the populations that we encounter around Fuvahmulah. Our guests can get certified with the AWARE shark conservation speciality during their stay in Fuvahmulah. 


If you identify a new shark, you have the chance to name it. Don't hesitate to send us photos and videos: 

We will check if we have this shark already in the data base or if it is a new one. Please include date, time and location, so our marine biologist can use it for research.

To the scientists, marine biologists, and shark professionals:

We have many interesting facts and knowledge to share. Please write us if you have interest,

we would love to collaborate!

ID: F001
Gender: female
Size: 3.7 m
Scares/cuts/spots: trailing edge of dorsal fin "feathered"
Behavior: calm, curious
Extra: regular visitor at the dive site since the beginning
First sighted: 07.12.2016
ID: F049
Gender: female
Size: 4 m
Scares/cuts/spots: curled up dorsal fin
Behavior: dominant, calm
Extra: currently pregnant
First sighted: 30.07.2019
ID: F009
Gender: female
Size: 3.8 m
Scares/cuts/spots: Battered dorsal fin, dark spot on left side near gills
Behavior: curious, friendly, unpredictable
Extra: recently came back after leaving pregnant
First sighted: 06.06.
Tiger shark
ID: F054
Gender: female
Size: 3.2 m
Scares/cuts/spots: Horizontal Cut of the top of dorsal fin
Behavior: calm, slow moving
First sighted: 30.07.2019
ID: F027
Gender: female
Size: 3.6 m
Scares/cuts/spots: Battered dorsal  fin, top dorsal and caudal fin cut
Behavior: calm, shy
Named by: Juan Salgado, 2017
ID: F002
Gender: female
Size: 3.8 m
Scares/cuts/spots: hook on left side in flesh, weird jaw  
Behavior: calm, dominant
Extra: pregnant currently
First sighted: 13.05.2017
ID: M007
Gender: male
Size: 3.1 m
Scares/cuts/spots: crooked caudal fin, notch in first dorsal  
Behavior: fast moving, shy
First sighted: 02.09.2018