Tiger Zoo

 UltimateTIGER SHARK place!

Tiger Zoo is the name of a dive site which was discovered in April 2017 and promoted by our team. We named it Tiger Zoo because in this place we have great possibility to observe tiger sharks all year round, from shallow to  deep, some time dozens of them at a single time.  We do diving with tiger sharks everyday. Tiger sharks are not aggressive. There was no any single accident with the shark attack in local waters.  

The tiger shark (Galeocerdo cuvier (lat.)) belong to the requiem sharks family and the only extant member of the genus Galeocerdo. Commonly known as the "Sea Tiger" due to the dark stripes on their body. The tiger shark is a relatively large macropredator, capable of attaining a length over 5 m (16 ft 5 in). Tiger sharks inhabit tropical and temperate waters. These graceful predators play a very important role in oceanic infrastructure. Acting as de facto garbage bins of the ocean, they consume everything, giving the preference to rotten food. Tiger sharks are considered as the second most dangerous shark, after the Great White, and have a bad reputation as man-eaters. 

In the Maldives the main food supply is daily catch. All the islands have daily fish waste which they dump back to the ocean. These places are the famous dive sites around the country. Fuvahmulah is the open ocean, and tiger sharks who usually do not get close to the coast, have been surrounding this island an ages. Before fish heads were dumped all around the island. When in 2003 harbour and local fish market were built in Fuvahmulah, all fish supply  and fish waste and tiger sharks accumulated in the harbour area. Everyday they continue consuming the fish waste and divers can watch them on the shallow plateau. 

We do not feed the sharks!

There is an ultimate opportunity for underwater photographers to get the closes shot of Tiger Sharks. Special private dives can be provided for underwater photographers.  Also, if you want to have picture and videos with you and tiger sharks, our photographer can make for you amazing unforgettable images!

We do Tiger Zoo dives keeping triple safety and rules. All dive guides have Shark Speciality and Shark Expert certifications. Our dive guides have more than 1000 hours diving in Tiger Zoo and well know their behaviour. 

Before each dive all divers are given comprehensive briefing about shark behaviour, diving procedure and safety rules which they must follow during the dive. Each diver is given special safety stick for protection. Each dive is supported by team of dive guides and assistants who are responsible for diver's safety. 


Come and have your best dives with Tiger Sharks

To make it easy to understand safety rules in Tiger Zoo, we have created manual with can be useful for everyone who are going to visit us. 

Tiger Shark identification data base

We have started our recording at the the end of 2016. For the last 3 years we have done more than thousands dives in Tiger Zoo. More than 100 of tiger sharks were identified and included in Tiger Shark data base. The species who frequently appeared or have some special marks were named. Below you can see the pioneers of our data base. 

We have many interesting insights about shark behavior, their permanent appearance, individual differences. In our dive centre we give lectures and presentations, our guests can get shark speciality during their stay in Fuvahmulah. 


There is unique possibility for our guests to identify a new shark and name it. You can send us photos and videos: 

And we will check if we have this shark already in data base or it is new one. 

The scientists, marine biologists, shark professionals!

Welcome to collaborate! You can write us your conners and suggestions here: 

No: F001
Gender: female
Size: 4 m
Scares/cuts/spots: scratch like spot on the right side on dorsal part
Extra: one of the biggest shark in family, fat
Named by: Mohamed Aslam
No: F002
Gender: female
Size: 3,5 m
Scares/cuts/spots: scratches on right dorsal side
Behavior: curious, active 
Named by: Mohamed Saeed 
No: F005
Gender: female
Size: 3,5 m
Scares/cuts/spots: Horizontal Cut of the top of dorsal fin
Behavior: curious, alert, fast
Named by: Fuvahmulah Dive Team
No: F004
Gender: female
Size: 4 m
Scares/cuts/spots: Battered dorsal fin,
scratches on the right dorsal side
Behavior: curious, friendly, unpredictable
Named by: Tatiana Ivanova 
No: F003
Gender: female
Size: 3,5 m
Scares/cuts/spots: scratches on right dorsal side and on the head, 2 hooks in lower chew 
Behavior: curious, friendly, unpredictable
Named by: Ibrahim Shiyan 
No: F006
Gender: female
Size: 4 m
Scares/cuts/spots: Battered dorsal  fin, top tail cut
Behavior: calm, friendly
Named by: Juan Salgado
No: F006
Gender: male
Size: 3,5 m
Behavior: curious, unpredictable
Named by: Sarut Chuengyingruangrung

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