We offer a variety of accommodation for your taste and budget!
Zero Degree Residence
Comfortable Boutique Hotel. Located near to the beach - a few minutes walk. Excellent for groups, same as for individual bookings. 
Number of room: 11 (5 deluxe, 2 Super deluxe, 2 Junior suites and 1 Master suite). 
Food: BB,HB,FB
Facilities: Wifi, minibar, safe,  in house-restaurant
Address: Fehiali, Hoadhadu, Niyaz goalhi,    GN. FUVAHMULAH, MALDIVES
Web site: https://www.zerodegree-residence.com/
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Fuvahmulah inn
Cozy traditional style guesthouse. Has excellent location near harbour area, the nearest to the dive centre. 5 min by walk to the main local restaurants and shops. 3 min to dive centre by vehicle. 12 min by walk. Good for budget and short holiday.  
Number of room: 6 (1 twin, 4 king size)
Food: BB,HB,FB
Facilities: Wifi, kitchen, living room, back yard 
Address: Dhoodigan, Fuvahmulah City, Maldives
Millennium Island Residence
Luxury hotel boutique with spacious hand made furnitured rooms and designed bathrooms. Located in new dwelling area on the pictorial alley. 8 min by vehicle to the harbour and dive centre. 15 min by car to the white pebble beach. 
Numbers of room: 9 (1suite with Jacuzzi, 2 spacious super deluxe rooms with baths, 2 deluxe rooms, 4 standard rooms). 
Food supplement: BB,HB,FB
Facilities: Wifi, music system, living room with big TV screen, open terrace, kitchen, dining rooms.
Address: Funaadu, Fuvahmulah City, Maldives
Isle Royal inn
Has excellent location near harbour area and dive centre. 5 min by walk to the main local restaurants and shops. 3 min to dive centre by vehicle. Spacious private area with restaurant, open sunbathing terrace , garden. Excellent service and hospitality.  
Numbers of room: 4 (1twin, 3 size beds). 
Food: BB,HB,FB
Facilities: Wifi, restaurant, 24 hours service
Address: Dhoodigan, Fuvahmulah City, Maldives
Cottage 316
Two storey/4 rooms cottage located in new dwelling area near to the main local infrastructure: restaurants, stores, bakeries, stadium, school. Excellent for family holiday and groups 6-8 pax. 8 min to dive centre by vehicle. 2 min by walk to the stony beach.
Numbers of room: 4 (king size beds)
Food: BB,HB,FB
Facilities: free Wifi, living room, balcony, kitchen
Rent: motobikes, bicycles 
Address: Funaadu, Fuvahmulah City, Maldives
Calyx Grand
Comfortable city hotel with located in the centrum of the island in the heart of shopping and restaurant area. 2 min walk to the stony beach, 10 min by vehicle to the Deve centre, 10 min by vehicle to the white pebble beach. 
Numbers of room: 5 (king size beds). 
Food: BB,HB,FB
Facilities: Wifi
Address: Miskimmagu, Fuvahmulah City, Maldives
Vieni Qua Grand
Cozy local traditional guesthouse.  Excellent location on the bank of the ocean, remote from local infrastructure, when you can enjoy calmness and nature. Nearest to the white pebble beach. 15 min to dive centre by vehicle. 
Numbers of room: 4 (king size beds)
Food: BB,HB,FB
Facilities: Wifi
Address: Havvitha Magu Dhoola, 18016 Fuvahmulah City, Maldives