We offer a variety of accommodation for your taste and budget
Zero Degree Residence
Comfortable Boutique Hotel. Located near to the beach - a few minutes walk. Excellent for groups, same as for individual bookings. 
Number of room: 11 (5 deluxe, 2 Super deluxe, 2 Junior suites and 1 Master suite). 
Food: BB,HB,FB
Facilities: Wifi, minibar, safe,  in house-restaurant
Address: Fehiali, Hoadhadu, Niyaz goalhi,    GN. FUVAHMULAH, MALDIVES
Web site: https://www.zerodegree-residence.com/
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Fuvahmulah inn
Cozy traditional style guesthouse. Has excellent location near harbour area, the nearest to the dive centre. 5 min by walk to the main local restaurants and shops. 3 min to dive centre by vehicle. 12 min by walk. Good for budget and short holiday.  
Number of room: 6 (1 twin, 4 king size)
Food: BB,HB,FB
Facilities: Wifi, kitchen, living room, back yard 
Address: Dhoodigan, Fuvahmulah City, Maldives
SHARK Lounge
Adorable 5 rooms house with swimming pool. Ideal small-mid size groups up to 10 pax. 

Numbers of room: 5 
Food: BB,HB,FB
Facilities: Wifi
Address:  18016 Fuvahmulah City, Maldives
Web Site: 
Cottage 316
Two storey/4 rooms cottage located in new dwelling area near to the main local infrastructure: restaurants, stores, bakeries, stadium, school. 8 min to dive centre by vehicle. 2 min by walk to the stony beach.

Numbers of room: 4 (king size beds)
Food: BB,HB,FB
Facilities: free Wifi, living room, balcony, kitchen
Rent: motobikes, bicycles 
Address: Funaadu, Fuvahmulah City, Maldives
Calyx Grand
Comfortable city hotel located in the centrum of the island in the heart of shopping and restaurant area. 2 min walk to the stony beach, 10 min by vehicle to the Deve centre, 10 min by vehicle to the white pebble beach. 

Numbers of room: 5 (king size beds). 
Food: BB,HB,FB
Facilities: Wifi
Address: Miskimmagu, Fuvahmulah City, Maldives
Ala Fehi
Luxury Private Villa with the swimming pool.
Perfect for family holiday/ groups up to 6 pax. 

Numbers of room: 3 (2 king size beds, 1 twin)
Food: BB,HB,FB/ Self-keitering 
Facilities: free Wifi, laundry 
Address: Havvitha Magu Dhoola, 18016 Fuvahmulah City, Maldives
Isle Royal inn
Has excellent location near harbour area and dive centre. 5 min by walk to the main local restaurants and shops. 3 min to dive centre by vehicle. Spacious private area with restaurant, open sunbathing terrace and garden. Excellent service and hospitality.  

Numbers of room: 4 (1twin, 3 size beds). 
Food: BB,HB,FB
Facilities: Wifi, restaurant, 24 hours service
Address: Dhoodigan, Fuvahmulah City, Maldives
Cozy local guesthouse. Located near to the airport and main local infrastructure. In walking distance to the dive centre. Suitable for budget/short visit.

Numbers of room: 5 (2 king size beds, 3 twin)
Food: BB,HB,FB
Facilities: Wifi
Address: Dhoodhigan, 18016 Fuvahmulah City, Maldives