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Fuvahmulah - one atoll, one island 

big pelagic nursery and cleaning station

in the middle of open ocean on the Equator 

Why should you visit Fuvahmulah? 

Hidden diving


Fuvahmulah is the island in Maldivian archipelago which has unique location - it is rock in the middle of open ocean. All year through island is  surrounded by thousands of pelagic creatures. 
Diving in Fuvahmulah is ultimate.  Here, in Fuvahmulah, divers can see 7 types of rare sharks in one dive. Here divers can see dozens of Tiger sharks everyday. Here are cleaning Thresher Sharks  stations when divers enjoy to see them  during all the day cleaning on the shallow under the sun shine. One of the biggest population of Oceanic Mantas  and Mobulas use Fuvahmulah reef as cleaning station through out the year. Seasonally they arrive for matting, when divers can enjoy dozens of them exposing playful breeding behaviour. The gorgeous schools of Great and Scalloped Hammerheads  stay on the current. Giant travellers whale sharks encountered in Fuvahulah throughout the year. The only Dreams of all divers - Longimanus and Mola-Mola! Humpback and pilot whales seasonally. 
Fuvahmulah is only the place when all these rare pelagic are avaliable to see all together, throughout the year, in natural environment and comfortable conditions. 
This unbelievable pelagic paradise has been hidden from the world diving society for a long time. The beauty and secrets of this mysterious place became accessible  for the wide audience since the beginning of 2017 when Fuvahmulah Dive School started to conduct daily operations and underwater research. Our team has collected plenty of unique data of this amazing place. Similar to other famous islands located along the equator (Galapagos, Cocoa), Fuvahmulah is the unique place and one of the best diving destination in the world. 
On this web site you will find many interesting and useful information about diving and holiday in Fuvahmulah. Last updates of underwater adventures in Fuvahmulah you can see on our FB page  and Instagram. 
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The best video shooting of 2017-2018

Tiger Sharks in Tiger Zoo

  • All dives we do from the boat in the open ocean. 
  • We do not do night dives due to the safety reasons. 
  • For Open Water Divers Fuvahmulah is great opportunity to increase their level (PADI). 
  • Fuvahmulah is the best place to make Shark speciality and Manta Ray Speciality.
  • Diving in Fuvahmulah is exiting, however, it is require advance level and double safety.
  • It can be difficult for the beginners get fit to the local conditions. 
PADI 5* Diving Center
The best solution to approach Fuvahmulah for travellers who would like to have the best and avoid any head ache with the organisation issues. We manage all the logistic from international airport arrival. 

Special trips and conditions for  for photographers 

Tiger Zoo Fuvahmulah Tiger Sharks
“Tiger Zoo” is the name of the dive site when tiger sharks are available on the shallow plateau every day all year round. Sharks are not agressive, divers have possibility to see them in natural environment. Fuvahmulah Dive School provides special dive in Tiger Zoo following all the necessary safety rules and regulations. Divers are given special briefing and special safety equipment.

How to get Fuvahmulah

1. Domestic flight. 1,5 hour/twice a day



2. Speed boat from international airport Gan/ 45 min.

3. Speed boat from Huvadhoo atoll / 3 hours

Why your choice is Fuvahmulah Dive School?  

  • Fuvahmulah Dive School is the first professional diving facility in Fuvahmulah. We have opened Fuvahmulah for the world diving society and have made it famous. 
  • Fuvahmulah Dive School is 5 star PADI dive centre. We follow high standards, safety and outstanding service.  We offer a variety of diving courses, you are welcome to begin or improve your diving qualifications. 
  • We have the big local Team, many dive guides and always keep small ratio. Most of our Team members are Fuvahmulah citizens, they know the island's features since their childhood. 
  • Our diving Boats are just excellent and super comfortable. 
  • If you interested in sharks behavior and want to know more, our Team are happy to share with you not only fantastic dives, but also the knowledge and interesting facts and  findings of our reserch. You can get your shark and ray specialities. We will make your diving not only entertaining, but also meaningful. 

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Peter Verhoog

Hippocampus, 2018, Dutch

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We are happy to contribute to the world database and collaborate

with the  conservation and research projects of big pelagic

Black oceanic Manta

Since 2017 Fuvahmulah Dive School support Manta Trust Research Project. In 2018  more than 600 Black Oceanic Mantas and 2 rarest Manta Morph were identified in Fuvahmulah waters.