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One Atoll, One Island

«Definitely the best diving experience in my life! .

- Tatiana, Russia


one & only

Fuvahmulah is unique and the most beautiful island in the Maldives, which is located on the equator between two South Atolls -Addu and Huvadhoo. Unlike the other two thousand Maldivian islands, which are coral reefs, Fuvahmulah is of volcanic origin, which makes the island more similar to the Indonesian islands Bali or Gili. It is the only island of the Maldives archipelago with fresh water lakes, lush tropical vegetation - the island is covered by mango trees, coconut palms, papaya, and different kinds of flowers.

The treasure of the island is the unique white pebble beach, which is included in the list of ten unique beaches of the world. Over millions of years, under the influence of ocean currents, unique reef formations

and several kinds of pebbles were formed.

The population is 14,000 people, the locals having their own dialect, which is quite distinct from the official Maldivian language “Divehi”.  Local houses are spacious, having huge, private back yards, patios, surrounded by a beautiful front garden with gorgeous flowers and fruit trees.

Locals are mostly connected with the farming and fishing trade. The local population is one of the happiest in the world. Islanders are proud to be born on this beautiful place, in social media Fuvahmulah they present the Island in all its beauty.



The most attractive entertainment on the island is fishing. There are a lot fish into the coastal waters which keep close to the reef. Fishing is the main income source for the locals.  Yellowfin tuna, skipjack tuna, barracuda, vahoo – caught daily. Also, there is the special type of tuna – bonito , which is prohibited for export. The guests have unique opportunity to attend fishing with the local fishermen on their  special fishing vessels. In addition to diving end fishing there are many other entertainments available on the island which can make your holiday full of fun. Surfing, snorkelling, jungle-trekking, excursions. Sport is very popular among the locals. Football, volleyball, cricket - guests can easily join local teams! The island is an ideal place for events and parties like weddings, business forums, health programs, festivals and concerts.

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