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Big Pelagic Show

 Could not even believe that this place is exist!

The unique location of the island makes Fuvahmulah one of the best diving destination in the world. Fuvahmulah is a rock in the middle of the ocean, which plays the role of a huge cleaning station and mating place for big pelagic like Black Oceanic Manta Birostrics, Mola Mola, Pilot whales. Fuvahmulah has ultimate set of sharks which can be seen all year round: Tiger Sharks, Thresher Sharks, Hammerheads, Silver tip, Whale shark, Grey reef, White tip. Big schools of Barracudas; Yellow-Fin Tuna, Bonitos, Sailfishes, Marlins and millions of reef fish surround the local reef daily. Last El Nino, which badly affected the coral reefs in the Maldivian islands and around the world, didn’t affect Fuvahmulah, we still can enjoy the beauty of coral gardens. The quality of diving isn't affected by seasonal changes, as happens on the rest of the Maldivian atolls. Diving here is always unique and challenging the whole year through. There are more than 15 diving spots around the island, which have a lot of potential for underwater research. 
Thresher Sharks
Tiger Sharks

Tiger Sharks

Galeocerdo Cuvier

One one the main feature which makes Fuvahmulah incredibly attractive for world diving community are Tiger Sharks. Tiger Sharks are surrounded the island cleaning the waste daily produced by fish market. Sharks are not aggressive, no any case of shark attack were registered. Diving with the tiger sharks is available everyday and doesn't depend on the current, seasons, time and weather conditions. Experienced dive guides lead this dive following all necessary safety rules requirements. We named this dive site “Tiger’s Zoo”. One of the best destination for Tiger Sharks. 100% guarantee everyday.
Thresher shark

PelagicThresher Sharks 

Alopias pelagicus

The real underwater treasure of Fuvahmulah is Thresher Shark.  It is been only one island in the Maldives when thresher sharks can be seen throughout the year Local reef has many cleaning stations which are extended from deep to the shallow around the island. Usually, thresher shark diving is deep, since threshers use deep cleaning stations.  However, in Fuvahmulah, in the right time thresher sharks use to come up for cleaning station at 12-15 m, and sometimes make divers happy jumping out of the water. Thresher sharks are available all year round, but can not be guaranteed everyday and every dive as tiger sharks. 
Black Oceanic

Black Oceanic Manta 

Black Oceanic Manta Fuvahmulah
While missing  grey mantas Alfredi, which are common in all other Maldivian atolls, Fuvahmulah is visited by Black Oceanic Mantas. 90% of Black Oceanic encounters in the Maldives happened here in Fuvahmulah. Throughout the year we spot individuals cleaning on the reef or chilling around.  Once a year,  which can happen in March-April-May, hundreds of Black Oceanic arrive to Fuvahmulah for mating, and, definitely, in this period Fuvahmulah is the best unique destination for Black Oceanic in the world. When it exactly happen: March, April or May is difficult to predict, since the conditions fluctuate from one year to another.  
Whale sharks

Whale Shark

Whale Shark Fuvahmulah
Whale sharks are visited Fuvahmulah all year round.  The probability is higher in January-May. We use to see giants and juveniles during the dives and on the surface.  All whale shark encounters in Fuvahmulah are new for scientific database.  Interesting fact! Most of the whales sharks we identified in Fuvahmulah are females. Same as Tiger Sharks. 

Scalloped Hammerheads

Sphyrna lewini

Hammerheads Maldives Fuvahmulah
Schools of Scalloped Hammerheads (Sphyrna lewini) are common in Fuvahmulah waters. The best period of time to see the schools depends on the current conditions. Right currents mights happen in any month. The probability is higher in October-December, April-June. However, it is not guarantee, the conditions might be good for hammerheads in the other months as well, if we will get  the right current. 
Great hammerheads are also found in Fuvahmulah, but probability to encounter them are much less. 
Dive require advanced level*.
Silver Tip

Silver tip Shark

Carcharhinus albimarginatus

Silver Tip Shark
Silver Tip sharks are one more unique dwellers of Fuvahmulah reef. Throughout the year we encounter schools of them around the island. 

Coral Gardens , Fish Schools, Fish wellness

Coral reef Fuvahmulah
Despite Fuvahmulah is real pelagic place, it is also has an amazing alive huge house reef. Fuvahmulah reminds  almost untouched by  El Nino 2016. Corals are alive and colourful. Mostly we have hard corals, and there are such a big variety of them surrounded by millions reef fishes and wrasses. 

Rare unique encounters/endemics 


Fuvahmulah is remote place, rock in the open ocean. Many unique encounters and endemics are potentially possible to discover here. From time to time we are likely visited by Longimanus, Hump back whales, Pilot whales, and also blessed to meet on our reef during any daily dive   Mola-Mola, small tooth sand tiger shark,  There is also unique the small pelagic stuff: pelagic molluscs, pelagic snakes, pelagic crabs, which are usually followed by huge schools of tunas and consequently by different tips of sharks. From time to time we see  the species like mangrove rays, nudibranchs, wrasses, which are  seems unknown for the scientic data base. 
Longimanus Maldivers
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